Breakfast Burrito again…

One of my staples of lunch at work is the burrito/taco/anything thrown on a tortilla.  Premade foods that are hand wrapped or in ziplock bags tend not to be stolen.  And my parents gave me a neat little tool for breakfast burrito:

Just watch the infomercial!

Yes the Xpress Redi Set Go!  Just mix 3 eggs with milk and other randomness and cook for longer than the directions say!  Tonight I added tomato basil feta cheese.



This is more of a breakfast taco... OF DANGER!

I added bacon bits after cooking.  Then cried myself to sleep.  I’d say it was a productive afternoon.

Linsanity has gone too far.

Love knows no limits.

First the Knicks beat the Mavs on Sunday.  Then this happens.

This just scares me.

This proves it.

I am a crazy cat person.


Arrr!... I mean MEOW!!!


 I went through and figured out that I have enough cat food to feed Johnny 5 and Hank Blaylock for the next 57 days.  I also got them this little cardboard house with a scratching pad on the inside.  And I got them high on catnip and gave them tweets.  (Yes, I call treats tweets.  I have issues.)



Filming the all cat version of Oz.


 Of course then I realize that my roommate cut a hole in his bedroom door to make a cat door.  Hank was the only one that was supposed to fit through it.  Well, my roomate didn’t understand cat physics and both could get in and out.  Then Hank was fixed, gained a lot of weight and couldn’t fit through the cat door.



Will you please ask your roommate to stop playing Morrissey?!?

Wait, maybe I’m not the crazy one…

Mock U.N. Medals!

No paper towels and there’s fog…

So, in the first hour of one of the longest days for singles.  And there are no paper towels at work.  Not for crying, I’ve got a box of Kleenex by me just in case.  I need those for microwave cooking.  Look, I don’t want to melt cheese all over the inside of the microwave.  And I don’t like having napkin parts stuck to the bottom of my sammiches.  It hurts me.

Then I think my co-workers have been drinking Lysol.  We’re not supposed to smoke inside but everyone else does so they try to cover it up with various sprays and candles.  And tonight is too cold to air the office out.  And foggy.  I’m in a bad horror movie.



Working overnights kinda throws most of my hopes and dreams out the window.  I don’t really get  a true lunch and my social life is subpar.  And it causes me to hate the entire human race.

Some of us sleep during the day!!!

So I make lunch at home and I make sure not to bring prepackaged food because it disappears.  So does any beverage that has not been opened beforehand.  And plastic forks.  Napkins…  Yeah stuff.
Well I do make make my own lunch in defense of this.  So here’s what I made for tonight.

Looks better down my gullet.

Two words: Onion Rolls.
They are freakin’ awesome.



Ah, beef...Cheap-ace cheese that melts awesomely!

 A little mayo on the sides of the onion roll to make the cheese a bit more creamy then becomes all melty in the tiny work microwave!  Then I become depressed when it becomes Feb 14th.  GRRR, anger!  At least I will eat well!