Stop trying to make plans with that woman!

Just finished tanning for my hot date.
I’ll make this a fast one becasue I don’t like talking too much about my social life on here and I hate posting too much info on Facebook.  I like being dark and cryptic on there with pictures of cats and bacon.

It is pure magic.

But, basically I just wanted to throw this down somewhere.  I have a friend that I like too much.  She sends me texts and messages that we never hang out anymore and since I work overnights it is hard for me to schedule any type of hanging out with the normal world.  Well I’ve moved around my schedule several times in an attempt to hang out…
So this past Friday a mutual friend’s band was playing and then all Hell broke loose.  That’s when I found out she was dating the mutual friend and they had been hiding it from me.  Of course there was the big “It’s not really serious,”  “He’s having a baby with the girl he met when he got out of prison,”  and the “We’ll talk about it on Tuesday.”
Thanks to Facebook I just found out they’re going to Movie Date Night at her work on Tuesday night.
Basically it is a pain in the rear setting up a night off on the weekdays.  And changing my sleep pattern.  And finding a cool dark place to sleep in the middle of the day.
This is why I need to stop making plans with that woman.  They fall through too often and I end up hurt.

Emo Matt is sad.


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