I am a crazy cat person.


Arrr!... I mean MEOW!!!


 I went through and figured out that I have enough cat food to feed Johnny 5 and Hank Blaylock for the next 57 days.  I also got them this little cardboard house with a scratching pad on the inside.  And I got them high on catnip and gave them tweets.  (Yes, I call treats tweets.  I have issues.)



Filming the all cat version of Oz.


 Of course then I realize that my roommate cut a hole in his bedroom door to make a cat door.  Hank was the only one that was supposed to fit through it.  Well, my roomate didn’t understand cat physics and both could get in and out.  Then Hank was fixed, gained a lot of weight and couldn’t fit through the cat door.



Will you please ask your roommate to stop playing Morrissey?!?

Wait, maybe I’m not the crazy one…


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