San Antonio Football part 3

I started this awkward thread about San Antonio football because the Arena Football League just started up.  This year there’s not a team in the D/FW area but the Tulsa team just moved to San Antonio so that’s who I’m pulling for this season.  When I started looking into pro football teams that existed in San Antonio I knew that there would be 3 that existed before I became a major football freak.  I knew a little bit about the Gunslingers but had no knowledge about the WFL’s Wings or the Arena League’s San Antonio Force.

Why does this make me think of Tron?

20 years ago, in 1992 there was an Arena team in San Antonio.  That was the first year I had gone to an Arena game.  Dallas Texas against the New Orleans Nights.  (Yes that’s real.  There was also a Miami Hooters for a while.)  So I knew that they had a team before hand but I couldn’t remember anything about them. Well there’s a reason for that.  They lasted one year and posted a 2-8 record.  They were the first Arena football team to be shutout in a game losing 50-0 to the Orlando Predators.  The Predators were coached by…  Perry Moss.  That’s right, the former San Antonio Wings head coach.  The Force also managed to have the lowest field goal percentage in league history: 11.8% .  They made 4 of 34 attempts.  Ouch. And that’s pretty much the only info I can find on them.  Next up is the real meat of this history starting with the World League of American Football!!!


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