MST3K 4: Episode 313 Earth vs the Spider


Dr Octopus is not in this one.

So, wait.  Insects in every post?  I need to put some Gorgo and Godzilla in here.  Or even Mighty Jack.  I’ll get on it, but I’ve already started this one.

I know I had watched Earth vs the Spider as a little kid but it blurred in with so many other giant-superimposed-spider movies.  Let’s film a tarantula being poked in the butt with a needle and project him on a blue screen.  Oh, and scientists and running teens.  Well here we go.

Lie, lie and lie and check your zipper.

That’s it… it attacked us.

Poor child, please don’t hit her.

Those that do wish he were dead.

Drops his pants and robs convenience store.

My life is a hollow lie.

Clean Town, U.S.A.

Welcome to Shame High School.

The Spider stripped the truck for parts.

Like Roadhouse and Next of Kin.

Jimmy Dean tried to kill you.

Someone or something has asthma!

I slipped on a little of your dad, gonna have to throw my shoe into the grave.


On the floor, Four-Eyes!

I don’t want you getting bad grades just because your dad’s worm-food.

I’ve gotta go play with my pig idol.

He stinks like mummy meat.

Use lip and tongue action.

Therma-Action Slacks!




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