My crappy lunch week: Part 1

Since 2008 I seem to have had some form of money problem with different employers.  Working for non-corperate, family owned businesses sounds like a nice thing but when the family’s screwed up financially (and mentally) the non-family members are the ones that don’t get paid.  Well my paycheck was a week late so this past week my eating experience has been lacking.  A couple of my meals have looked like this:

The cooking directions on the package never work right. And that's just the Pringles

Prepackage foods tend to disappear at work so a lot of my work lunches are sandwiches or burritos that I make myself  then wrap in aluminum foil.  That way nosey thieves are discouraged since they can’t tell what it is like if it were in a sandwich bag.  Well going into Monday night  I had one tortilla and the remains of two loaves of bread, white and potato.  Guess what, both loaves were moldy.  So giant burrito, baby carrots, bag of chips and a beef stick that night.  The next morning I splurged after work and bought some fancy sandwich rolls for Tuesday night since paychecks were supposed to be in by then.

Really good with boneless chicken breasts. Not so much with a pile of cold cuts, too much bread.

I made a couple of buffalo chicken sandwiches and more baby carrots.  The baby carrots were on their last legs and even the ranch dip wasn’t covering that up.  Go to work, still no check.  Wednesday lunch: piled on the last of my ham and turkey onto a couple of the sandwich rolls with what I could salvage from a head of lettuce.  Then threw away all my remaining produce.  Those sandwiches sure could’ve used more meat and cheese.  And probably not that lettuce.

Headed to work where it just got even awesomer…



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