My crappy lunch week: part 2

Working overnights I need caffeine.  I don’t like coffee so that means Cokes, tea, or energy drinks.  I actually have a planned amount of beverages I bring to work with me every night.  Monday I buy a 32 oz Coke from QT in a styrafoam cup and that cup is reused every work night of that week.  Then I bring one 16.9 oz bottle of Coke and two bottled waters and I make sure they’ve all been opened and had a couple of swigs taken out of them.  I used to bring a 5 Hour Energy drink with me every night but that was getting too expensive so I found a replacement:

Dollar stores are magic.

Basically I make my own 5 Hour drink combining this stuff and other random vitamins.  I get about 8 days worth for $2 which saves me money.  Speaking of money…

Wednesday night I saw my check.  Actually I saw an envelope with my name on it, on my bosses desk inside her locked office.  After taking a few deep breaths I talked to the ladies of second shift and found out everyone had finally been paid.  That is except me.  So I knew that it would be best to prepare like I wasn’t going to get that check until when I left work Friday morning.

I had one bottle of Coke, no lunch meat, no produce and a single slice of provolone.  Thursday morning I left work and headed back home to raid my change jar.  Went to Albertsons and bought a dollar pack of turkey and one of those new 1.25 liter bottles of Coke.  I’ve been buying those a lot recently since the 2 ltrs can cost up to $2 and they fit better in the fridge since my roommate buys all kinds of crazy crap.

It's taller than my roommate's iron and his weight gainer!

So, I had lunch taken care of for Thursday night.  I had food, I had my all important caffeine and Friday I got my check and took it to the bank to cash it. 

It bounced.




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