Mac and Cheese

When I was a child (not a small one, that never was true) I thought to myself several times that when I grew up I would eat my favorite side dish everyday.  And of course that side dish was Macaroni & Cheese.  Somehow in my adulthood I haven’t been able to keep that promise to myself.

Not for lack of trying...

As time has marched on Macaroni & Cheese has changed.  When I was a really young child I remember primarily eating the powdered cheese mix style.  Later on in my childhood the cheese sauce packet style came into my life.  I’m not sure if this was linked to my parents’ financial situation or if it just was a product that hadn’t been made before…  Hmmm, I need to look up the history of mac and cheese when I’m done with this.

As I grew older and found out I could cook for myself the option for Macaroni & Cheese daily grew.  Luckily during my teen years my patience for cooking was lacking and they had finally built a McDonalds in my town so screw that boiling water.  Still relying on my mother for my fix meant that mac and cheese was a once a week thing.

Well, time passed.  Things like shells and cheese appeared.  Spirals and cheese.  EASY MAC!!!  And I controlled what I ate.  If I wanted Macaroni & Cheese everyday all I had to do was cook it myself and that could mean just add water and 3 minutes in the microwave!  MAC AND CHEESE EVERY DAY!!!

That didn’t quite happen.  I think I went through a phase where I ate some form of cheese and pasta four times a week.  But like anything you eat you can get burned out on mac and cheese.  I did and I’m back down to eating it maybe once a week.  And most of the time I make it I spruce it up with other things like bacon, hot sauce, broccoli, etc.  My childhood desire for Macaroni & Cheese everyday is under control.

Well, this helps me alot also...




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