My encounters with lake monsters.





Me + Football + Scanner = Trouble…

I’ve gotten the old scanner out and fired up.  Of course it took me a couple of hours to remember how to use it.  And for some reason it never works on my current computer so I have to hook up the old one…  gas prices so high…  blah, blah, blah.

Well, anywho, I spent a few hours scanning a whole bunch of randomness and that includes:


That’s right!  And with how to work the scanner fresh on my mind expect to deal with ridiculousness!  Like my football magazine collection!

I’ve read them ragged!

I’m so football crazy I even have the pencils!


I will never sharpen these!






My hero is scaring me…

The interweb sometimes is filled with scary things.  And I found one:

Were the ’80s filled with magic? You decide.

Bottom left corner, last name.

Corey Hart?!? I mean Chris Elliott?!?

Yes the proud star of one of my favorite comedies was in Teen Beat.

This was an important movie experience in my life.

Even from the cover above you can tell Mr Elliott is not the best looking gentleman in the world.  Nor does he seem very late 80’s.  Or teen heart-throb.  Well this is what he looked like:

I… I… I… (sigh)… just ignore everything else.

Let’s see if I can post the interview.  Or find Get a Life on Netflix.  That would be AWESOME!

Happy Meal Aliens!

I’ve got a strange collection of mini figures packed away in random places.  Armymen, erasers, little Transformers, Battle Beasts, etc.  The other day I was digging thru the interweb and I found this picture:

Back when McDonalds = Magic.

The Diener Space Creature Happy Meal Toys!  (Sounds like an indie band)  At one point in time I owned at least one of each of these.  Through the years I’ve lost several, had a few stolen and had two that were severely chewed up by cats.  So I wanted to see which ones I had in the couple of boxes of mini figures I had in my closet…

America’s Favorite Boy Band!

The two with ink/marker on them were second hand.  The Bat Creature and Bug Creature I got from Happy Meals back in the early ’80s and have some parts that were chewed off by cats.  Now out of these five my favorite one is the yellow one with the ink outlines.

I call him Aqua!

This was the first Diener Space Creature I ever owned.  Some poor kid in one of my mom’s classes got it taken up and I got a new toy!  Actually I think she was teaching High School at the time so the kid was probably trying to stick it down a girls shorts or something.  Whoever it was is like 50 now…

Oh, wait.  Getting off track here.  These toys were loosely based off of old Sci-Fi film monsters.  And good old Aqua here was based on Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth

He didn’t need bath salts to do his thing.

Yup, one of my favorite Ray Harryhausen monsters of all time in convenient toy form.  And somehow I’ve held onto him for around 30 years…  I’m a dork.



7 years ago I dealt with the first duck invasion.

2012.  The world is going to end.  The Mayans were right.  Who knew it was gonna be ducks…

But they also tried this 7 years ago…

“No Mr Duck! Please don’t harm me!!!”

The ducks had the high ground, but I quickly outmanuevered them!

“The tables have turned!!!” But I’m still scared…

The day was saved but why did I own those shoes?


Look what Johnny 5 did.

Thinking about cats and my apartment I realized it was time to clean Johnny 5’s favorite corner.

This is where he does the “wub-wub-wub.”

Johnny loves rubbing this corner especially when he’s trying to convince me to feed him early.  Well he’s a dirty, dirty feline and leaves a stain…


And I guess I could pick up the Spray Starch while I’m at it.

3 stray birthday presents.

My roommate has birthdays.  My roommate has a little brother.  That means awkward birthday presents.

Here, enjoy this fine rag from the mountains of Bedford.

Actually the gifts were stray cats.  My roommate would go through those like crazy.  And it wasn’t long before this yearly custom became an annual tradition.

First up was Frank Barbalini.  My roommate was mean to him so Frank peed and pooped on his stuff.  So my roommate wanted to throw him out.

Wook at the wittle tiger.

I got my parents to adopt Frank as a barn cat.  They took him down to their place to frolic with the goats, mule and whatever random animals they had at the time.  Unfortunately he just sprinted off into the wilderness, hopefully finding himself a good home.

Next up was Cosmo.  My roommate was mean to him so Cosmo peed and pooped on his stuff.  So my roommate wanted to throw him out.

Cosmo was hooked on flour. He’ll shank a man for some.

One day while I was sleeping my roommate threw Cosmo in the carrier and drove to some random woods by the highway.  He then threw out Cosmo to starve, get run over by a semi or be eaten by an escaped hammerhead shark.  Needless to say I did not approve of this.

The next birthday we had moved into a new apartment.  Johnny 5 had survived thus far and was happy to move into a larger place where he could roam around.

“Mine! All Mine!!!”

Well, August 27th came aroun and guess what my roommate got from his brother…  Sorry Johnny 5 but you’ve got a new little brother.  Don’t get too attached…

This dern cat has problems.

Enter Hank Blalock.  Somehow Hank has managed to stick around.  More places to hide and getting fixed probably helped.  He has become the last of the birthday strays which I’m glad about.  Let’s all give him a cheer!!!

Hank! Hank! Hooray!!!