My dealings with fake blood.

Bands, Halloween, Zombie Crawls…  these all need fake blood.  I’ve dealt with homemade and store bought and throwing random ketchup on myself.  The mint flavored type from the magic store tends to be my favorite but you tend to use and swallow too much.  Then the guy from the club gets pissed about the mess you made in the bathroom.  Here’s some exciting pictures:

A fountain of flavor!

Yeah, would’ve been mad too. We were pretty messy.

I’ve come to do you’re taxes!

This proves I have problems

Yes, even Crazy Dave fears my blood.

And this is what happens when to combine homemade fake blood with a bad make up job.

Corey, the lead singer in that last picture,  said:  “It looks like you shoved your head up an elephant’s butt.”

Thank God I’m not in my 20s anymore.




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