Count Drunkula

I found an old, crappy drawing I did for one of my unfinished zines. 


In the words of MST3K: “God bless the drunken old fart.”


Avengers Olympics!

Superheroes + Olympic should = awesome.  Just read about it!

Well some wacky folks on the Internet have combined two of the great things about the Summer of 2012:  The Avengers and the Summer Olympics!!!

“Hulk smash puny Russian man toy!”

“Mr. Rogers, we’re going to need to drug test you again…”

“By the bristled hair of Al Michaels!!!”

Even Superman is competing in the newest event:  Drinking!

“This will help my reboot.”

I need to watch Ghostbusters soon…



And I need this toy:




F YA! Godzilla!!!

How old is this?!?

I was making lunch yesterday, digging around trying to figure out the best things to make until payday.  Money’s a little tighter now that they’ve decided to take taxes out on my paychecks.

Pepper sandwiches for all!

Pickens was slim so I just made the faux Breakfast Dagwoods for the second night in a row.  (Out of real bacon bits, used Bacos.  Ouch.)  But hidden deep in the back of my cubbard (or is it cupboard?) was a can.

What type of Hispanic name is Gebhardt?

According to the can it’s been back there since 1896, but I kinda doubt it.  I do have the feeling that it’s been buried for over a year and a half since I’ve mainly been using black beans during that time.  Also it was a little over a year since I checked the pile of cans in the back.  The use by date says March of 2013 so I’m keeping it.  To throw into oncoming traffic.

Joking, I’m joking!

Then this happened:




Why it took me a while to get past post # 138

Then it happened to me…


Speaking of the Creature…

Back in the year 2000 Albertsons had a big ol’ Halloween aisle.  Candy, costumes, decorations and my favorite doormat ever.

Look at that cute little rat crawling out of the sewer with the Creature.

I was so excited to find a Creature from the Black Lagoon doormat.  Especially since I had been using a crappy American Godzilla doormat for the pass 6 months.  So I scooped up two of them and went on my merry way…

Less than 2 years later I had moved about 5 times and had lost both of them.  Throughout the years I would do random interweb searches to find an image but nothing ever came of it.  Until last week when I wasn’t looking and finally found this picture.

This proves I’m not insane!