These kids are tempting fate.

What the heck happened before they got into the car?  Was it alcohol or drugs?  Using a telegraph while driving?  Bob Hope knife fight?

No, it was Batman Cola.

Never trust soda with “SNAP” written on the can.

Wow, the ’50s were rough.  How did we ever survive the Cold War?  By training stay-at-home moms as combat medics!


Also known as “Easy Ways to End a Loved One’s Life.”

Which reminds me, it’s time to make lunch.



Zorak in real life?

Think of him when you look to the night sky.

Zorak was very special to me, especially at Christmas time!

Even the Ramones loved his wit and banter!

Strangest scoring in an Olympics ever.

Now I want to bust out my old VHS tapes of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast from 1995…

Finally found something that fits…

On those hamburger buns from the Dollar Store


Ah, eggs.

They are making a prequel to Falling Down.

You forgot the briefcase.


On the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite movies it was annouced that a prequel to Falling Down was in production.  It will dwell on Bill Foster’s (Michael Douglas’ character) childhood for most of the film with the last part being the events leading up to the begining of the first film.  Kodi Smit-McPhee from Let Me In will play the young Bill Foster.  Here is a picture from production:

The prequel is called Standing Up.

As you can tell by the above photo THIS IS NOT REAL. I pray that this idea is never used and that Falling Down is never remade.  Now I need to go get a flat-top.




Covering drunk people with crap.

Drinking with friends, what could go wrong?  Well, buster, you better stay awake or else bad things will happen…

Two days later I was wondering where my oatmeal had gone…

Or people stuff crayons in your clothes.

No children were anywhere near these people. Why did they have crayons?

Or you could be wide awake and a drunk person could cover you with curry powder…

My fine Evening Wear… RUINED!!!

But the scariest thing is your parents may done the same thing…

“Years from now there will be an ‘Internet’ and brave explorers shall find this picture of your shame.”




One of the most awesome cartoons of my childhood was The Herculoids.  Of course it was the 1981 reboot instead of the ’60s episodes but eventually I was able to see several of the old episodes.  Years later I loved it when episodes started popping up on Cartoon Network and later Boomerang.  In my contant wanderings on the interweb I have to stop down anytime I find something Herculoids…

By Bob Eggleton

By Steve Bissette

And one by an unknown artist:

Plus one of the greatest articles ever written about them:




My own personal Shark Week.

I don’t have cable at the apartment, but I do have plenty of shark stuff!!!  Screw you guys, I can’t be stopped!!!

I’m happy about sharks!

Screw educational, time to open these!

This should be the next Wolverine movie.

And kids should learn about sharks too!  Through kid friendly Jaws products!

This is real!

So, in my own personal Shark Week everyone is happy.

We’re all friends here.