I’m concerned for the Hulk

He’s had to fight some poorly named villians.

The Inheritor must wait for his relatives to pass away before gaining his powers!

But at least he realizes that other superheroes dress funny.

“Hulk says Ben Affleck can suck it!”

And Reed Richards shot him in the butt.

“I must clean his colon, Sue!”

How the heck did the Hulk get a TV show with all this happening?  Oh wait, it was the 1970s.




Go ahead, get on the football field…


This would not happen.

That girl would’ve been crushed.  Eaten.  And sent to the principal’s office. 

This is what would happen:


Look closer:

This fan is screaming for his soul and crapping several other people’s pants.

And after she got tackled she would look like this:

“If I had a dick I’d tell you to suck it.” Look, she said that in Lake Placid. It’s a quote.


I met the new Misfits once

Jerry Only sometime in the ’80s.

In the mid 1990s the Misfits started touring again with a new lead singer.  They recorded some albums, changed members at random and had one consistent that’s still in the band today…

Sound familiar? Wait… this would’ve been pretty cool.

We bought tickets to their first show in Dallas not really knowing what to expect.

Then we found out Jerry Only had a comb over devilock.

Oh well, it was actually a pretty fun show and all the members of the band were cool.  It was kinda weird talking football with Doyle.  But yeah.

So here’s a picture of Jerry and I behind a school lunchroom.



I used to like to get high…

… but my climbing skills have failed in my twilight years.




As you can see, it took strong legs and a brave heart to reach my dark castle in the mountains of Oklahoma.  And Texas beer, none of that watered down Okie stuff.  Bleh.



These two reminded me of each other.


“Your roommate is done with his Adult Entertainment sites for today!”

Then Mike got upset.

“I have three more Gig to download before sundown!!!”

I live in a strange place.

And C-3P0’s Cereal…

Speaking of childhood memories and Star Wars, I loved C-3P0’s.  It is one thing I would love to go back in time and taste again.  It seems like I remember them being sweet but not too sweet.  It seems like I tried to find something that tasted the same but never could.  And just watch the commercial!

Something else that was neat was one of the giveaways that they had as seen on the front of this box:

No, not the Rebel Rocket! And don’t think dirty thoughts about that name either!

Free Kenner Star Wars Micro Collection Figures!  I sure as Hell ate me those three boxes of cereal to get them!  And my poor parents probably spent $10 shipping and handling.  Somehow I still have the Darth Vadar figure.

Darth has quit smoking but he still carries a lighter around with him.

Yeah, that picture was poorly taken.  Sorry.  Good old Darth is made of solid metal.  And it hurts like Hell when you drop him on your foot.

Ewok Lunch Box

Sounds like a crappy band, but it was what I carried my fine meals in while in elementary school.  I have no idea why I suddenly thought of it so straight to Google Images I went:

How could you fit food of any size in there with that ginormous thermos?

This was also the time when plastic lunch boxes were replacing the metal ones.  So if you wanted to bash a fellow student over the head it was much less satisfying.  And might break your lunch box.  It made it hard to defend my love for Ewoks.  That and the Ewoks cartoon.

’80s cuteness.

Look, Ewoks were ruthless killers.  Smashing AT-STs with logs, stoning storm troopers, shooting arrows hither and yon.  Hell, decapitating scout troopers by pulling vines in the path of their speeder bikes is pretty damn bloodthirsty.  And what else happened?

Screw you Empire, we’re using your corpses as musical instruments.