Random Star Wars stuff…






Leave it to Mike Mignola to have Cthulhu living in the Sarlacc Pit…


So about the lack of posts…

But the great flood of 2013 happened…

newflood 001

newflood 002

newflood 010

newflood 014

And once again the majority of the damage is in my room.  And still not completely fixed…

Screw it… Have some cats.

Cats are fun.  I love cats.  I own cats.  Meow.

Awww, cat love.

Awww, cat love.

And cat love can lead to cat sex!

POW!!!  Your mind is blown!

POW!!! Your mind is blown!

That picture even blows cats’ minds!


And many a morning I’ve awoke to this:


"Shhh, tell Johnny 5 I'm asleep..."

“Shhh, tell Johnny 5 I’m asleep…”

Cats are so awesome that they should be included in stripper shows!!!


"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!"

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!”



I’d buy that for a dollar.

Actually I did.

Actually I did.

Random giant bread from Kroger.  Sandwiches for lunch tonight.  I’m a man with a plan.

Superman can lose…

Remember when this happened?



Well I finally found a player that can stop old Supes on the gridiron.

"You can't defend what you can't see!  Wait, my uniform is still on..."

“You can’t defend what you can’t see! Wait, my uniform is still on…”

I’m very confused by the action behind these two.  Maybe it’s a Friday night and Superman and the Phantom Quarterback are playing by themselves at the edge of the High School field.  All alone.  Because they have no friends.  Because they use their powers for evil.  Come on, invisiblity and X-Ray vision at a High School…  You see what’s going on here…

Oh, want to know where the Phantom Quarterback came from?  Here you go:


So now you know.  Jerry Jones go sign the Phantom Quarterback, he’s the next RG3.

Another scary mashup…

Last week I stumbled upon a low budget movie that will be coming out later this year whose poster grabbed my attention…

Finally the Power Glove comes to the Civil War!

Finally the Power Glove comes to the Civil War!

So of course I had to watch the trailer.  Here’s that then:

What was that?  Besides a little bit of everything?  At least it lets you know going in that it’s gonna be batsh*t crazy.  But when I heard Civil War + Frankenstein’s Monster this was not what I expected.

Heck you could make an awesome movie called Lincolnstein with these next two pictures…

"John Wilkes Booth tried, but the North has Victor Von Frankenstein!!!"

“John Wilkes Booth tried, but the North has Victor Von Frankenstein!!!”


And the movie ends with a small town New England cop ramming a hot air balloon into Lincolnstein.  Saving all of mankind…




The swinging '70s in all it's trauma...

The swinging ’70s in all it’s trauma…