Godzilla vs Biollante: $4.99!

I stopped by Best Buy on my way to work last night because I heard a rumor that this newly released DVD was only five bucks.  And gosh dern it, it sure as heck was!

I swear I'm excited.

I swear I’m excited.

From the time I was born until 1989 only one new Godzilla film had come out and of course I was craving more.  Then one day at Clint’s Comics an employee told me that they were releasing a new Godzilla movie in Japan and it was sure to come to America in a year or so.  Well, a month later I read a newspaper article saying that the new Godzilla film would not be shown in theaters in America and it was unknown if it would be put out on VHS or cable.  It also said Godzilla would battle a new, unknown monster.  Viollente!!!

Wait, what?  Isn’t viollente Spanish for violent?  Could the Fort Worth Star Telegram be wrong?

Well the internet really sucked in 1989 and since I wasn’t old enough to drive I could only gather information when an adult was willing to take me to a comic book store.  But there was no new information that I could find.  A year passed…

My best friend at the time went to a comic book convention that I didn’t go and he came back with a mysterious tape.  A bootleg copy of Godzilla vs Biollante.  Thank God the newspaper had the name wrong.  The next weekend I got to spend the night at my friend’s house and watch this magical movie for the first time.

And it was one of the worst bootlegs I’ve ever seen. 

Well years later HBO video release it on VHS which I snatched up and was finally able to watch properly.  I was happy to see a new monster and the special effects of both it and Godzilla 1985 were tons greater than the last few movies that had come out in the early ’70s.  Also I was hearing news that new Godzilla movies were coming out in Japan and they were bringing back Mothra and King Ghidorah…

Well, back to the modern day.  Slowly but surely I’m replacing my Godzilla movies from VHS to DVD.  And whenever I get a new one I reenact the movie on my bed!

biollante 002

Then the stupid toys went after Johnny 5.

Then the stupid toys went after Johnny 5.

On and one last thing, my Biollante trading card!

Read the left side of this card...  What does that even mean?

Read the left side of this card… What does that even mean?



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