I want this Decker shirt dernit!

Tax return time!  Even though I’m getting a lot less than I should I’m at least getting some money back.  So instead of complaining about my job I’ll complain about something else.

Tax return time means replacing the clothing that I’ve wore out in the past year.  So I need tee shirts.  And I’m a Nightbreed fan.  I get online to find the one I had my eye on with Decker on the front.  Guess what, they’re sold out and discontinued!  Being a Nightbreed fan is so hard!.!.!  

This was the shirt...

This was the shirt…

Decker was the serial killer/psychotherapist played by David Cronenberg in the movie.  Yes, that David Cronenberg.  One of my favorite villians in one of my favorite movies and books since Nightbreed is based off of Clive Barker’s story Cabal. 


Well, at least the website Fright Rags lets you send a request to have them bring a shirt back.  So I’m requesting dammit!  Or I guess I could search the internet for another place that might have a Decker shirt.  Or silkscreen one myself.  Ow, that gives me a headache.  Maybe I should just get a huge back tattoo of this:




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  1. That tattoo could be very, very, very expensive for you!

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