The Cosmic Cube!!!

So I was reading Avengers Assemble recently and this gave me a giggle.



I love Hulk’s confidence in his Cosmic Cube shoving ability.  Also, whenever I think about the Cosmic Cube this comes to mind…


The Avengers could’ve ended their battle with Thanos if all those people hadn’t been hoarding Twinkies.  Damn you Hostess!!!


He was a young boy who loved his music…






Hulk vs Wolverine is what I say.

I guess I need to hunt down the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk series.  I’m scared to since I’ve been bouncing back and forth timeline wise with the Marvel comics I’ve been reading.  Last month it was the Fear Itself series, I just read Secret Wars I and II and just started the Civil War series.  If I throw in an Ultimates title right afterward I might get dizzy.

But I have to because of this:


Of course I know that’s not how it will end.  But I can dream can’t I?  Here’s how a real Hulk vs Wolverine should happen:



Yeah, that’s pretty gruesome.  Probably not gonna happen.  Maybe Marvel should just bring these guys back so that Hulk and Wolvie could be buddies.


Be still my ’90s heart…

Make your own Subway sandwich. Baby.

Hi.  My name’s Matt and I like food.  I also eat at Subway sometimes.  I also have Godzilla tattoos.  Combine the two.


Ok that’s out of the way.  For years I was never a big Subway fan.  I usually only ate there because I would go to visit friends that worked there.  If I wanted a sandwich I didn’t make myself I went to Schlotzky’s.  Then I’d buy the veggie sandwich that was the size of a normal human’s head.  (But much smaller than mine.)

Well about 3 years ago my roommate asked me if I wanted to go with him to Subway.  I said yes and when we got to the counter I panicked because I had no clothes on and it was the day of the big test.  Actually it was because I didn’t know what I wanted.  But there, on the menu, I saw the words Black Forest Ham and Salami. THE ITALIAN B.M.T.!

After two bites I realized I could make the same dern thing at home and not have to deal with the facial tattoos and bad attitudes.  Here we go!

First buy multipple food products from several stores.

First buy multiple food products from several stores.

Kroger has a ton of their own brand of salad dressings.  I’m addicted to the one I used on this sanwich and the Three Cheese Ranch.  2 for $3!

I've spilled some on a white shirt.  Not fun.

I’ve spilled some on a white shirt. Not fun.

And then Hank showed up to help me.

"I'll eat anything you fool!  This sandwich will be mine!"

“I’ll eat anything you fool! This sandwich will be mine!”

Then, like Subway, I found out the sandwich was too short.

I then rubbed the tape measure all over it and threw everything at Hank.

I then rubbed the tape measure all over it and threw everything at Hank.

Actually the sandwich was really good and has become a part of my lunch rotation for work.  Now I can get these pictures off my desktop.


Back in the mid ’80s a TV special came out hosted by Christopher Reeve.  It was about something that hold a close place to my heart:  dinosaurs.  And it was called…


This show of course ended up on a VHS tape and was watched over and over again by yours truly.  The special effects were stop-motion animation and were very well done and it included scenes from several movies including the original King Kong.  So we’ve got dinosaurs, the Man of Steel and Kong all in a one hour TV special.  No wonder it has it’s own Wikipedia page.

Now, the one thing that annoyed me was the way Reeve pronounced some of the dinosaurs’ names.  Even as a little kid when I first had seen this I thought: “Is he saying that right?  Am I the one that’s wrong?  This is Superman on TV telling me telling me it’s DIE-no-NIK-us instead of DIE-no-NIKE-us.”

(I think I just wrote down two new anime shows.)

Well, since watched Dinosaur! again last night I had the same reaction and did the same thing I did about 28 years ago.  I took this off my bookshelf

Mine looks alot more beat up and has a Haley's Comet scratch-n-sniff sticker on the third page.

Mine looks alot more beat up and has a Haley’s Comet scratch-n-sniff sticker on the third page.

And I looked up the pronunciation of Deinonychus.  And then I took another battered book out and did the same thing.  And another.  And another.

So screw you Christopher Reeve,  you’re saying it wrong.

And don’t get me started on the show using the name brontosaurus then referring to the fact that a museum had put the wrong skull on a skeleton and there never were brontosauruseseseseses…


So anyhow if you have a spare hour and you want to catch a glimpse and pure 1980s dinosaur knowledge here’s the whole thing.  Thank you Youtube for helping me not have to rewind my VHS tapes!


H.P.L. died on this day.

Howard Phillip Lovecraft died on March 15th in the year of Great Cthulhu 1937.  Or something like that.  I didn’t get into Lovecraft until my early college years and became a crazed addict to his works and anything linked to the Cthulhu Mythos quickly.  How I had missed his stories being such an avid reader of the horror writing of Stephen King and Clive Barker I don’t know but finding him opened up a whole new world to me. 





Super High Five!