Protect your pizza!

When you have a roommate you get to deal with pizza ordering ordeals.  I usually order a pepperoni along with my primary pizza order so my roommate has something to munch on instead of me scarfing down in front of his face.

Like this rude butthead.

Like this rude butthead.

Or if I’m ordering pizza and my roommate is home I’ll tell him I’m ordering pizza, does he want anything.  Well, when you get to know someone you learn what they don’t like to eat.  I hate black olives.  So what did my roommate do?  Order a pizza swimming with black olives, not offer me a chance to add to his order then smoked Black and Milds inside, stinking up the place.

So how do I get my revenge?  Making my own pizza!

scratchpizza 006

Screw you guys, I love spinach and mushrooms!  And my roommate can’t have any because I’M GONNA EAT THE WHOLE GOT-DAM THING!!!

scratchpizza 007

Which I did.  He still has leftovers.  Screw your black olives man.


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