Back in the mid ’80s a TV special came out hosted by Christopher Reeve.  It was about something that hold a close place to my heart:  dinosaurs.  And it was called…


This show of course ended up on a VHS tape and was watched over and over again by yours truly.  The special effects were stop-motion animation and were very well done and it included scenes from several movies including the original King Kong.  So we’ve got dinosaurs, the Man of Steel and Kong all in a one hour TV special.  No wonder it has it’s own Wikipedia page.

Now, the one thing that annoyed me was the way Reeve pronounced some of the dinosaurs’ names.  Even as a little kid when I first had seen this I thought: “Is he saying that right?  Am I the one that’s wrong?  This is Superman on TV telling me telling me it’s DIE-no-NIK-us instead of DIE-no-NIKE-us.”

(I think I just wrote down two new anime shows.)

Well, since watched Dinosaur! again last night I had the same reaction and did the same thing I did about 28 years ago.  I took this off my bookshelf

Mine looks alot more beat up and has a Haley's Comet scratch-n-sniff sticker on the third page.

Mine looks alot more beat up and has a Haley’s Comet scratch-n-sniff sticker on the third page.

And I looked up the pronunciation of Deinonychus.  And then I took another battered book out and did the same thing.  And another.  And another.

So screw you Christopher Reeve,  you’re saying it wrong.

And don’t get me started on the show using the name brontosaurus then referring to the fact that a museum had put the wrong skull on a skeleton and there never were brontosauruseseseseses…


So anyhow if you have a spare hour and you want to catch a glimpse and pure 1980s dinosaur knowledge here’s the whole thing.  Thank you Youtube for helping me not have to rewind my VHS tapes!



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