Superheroes vs Sharks

For hundred of thousands of years the battle of Superheroes and Sharks has raged.  Men and women with the power of gods fighting against the most primative, destructive eating machines.  These are just a few of the titanic battles for the entire world!



Thor and Superman aren’t the only one’s in trouble…

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Stir Fry attack!!!

When I go walking later in the day my nose is assaulted by the smells of the local restaurants nearby my apartment.  So Panda Express and Fresh Wok are entering my nasal cavities.  Well that makes me hungry.  Since both these places are really hit or miss I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Yahoo search here I come!

And that really didn’t help me.  So I decided to drive down to Kroger and buy some random things to throw together for my idea of Chinese food.

So naturally I bought Korean style sauce.

Johnny 5 is displeased with my choice.  And Myspace.

Johnny 5 is displeased with my choice. And Myspace.

Okay, one step closer to Asian food with the Korean Teriyaki Sauce.  Next up I need veggies…

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Digital Cameras: Friend or Foe?

I own three digital cameras and fear change so I’ve been having issues taking pictures of my random cookings.  The past year or so I’ve been using one of my parent’s old cameras, a klunky HP 735 that’s 3.2 MP and drinks batteries like we’re on a cheap date.  It took good pictures if the subject stood still but when you’re a crazy cat gentleman like me it just didn’t cut it…

"Hulk hold Johnny 5 so picture good!!!"

“Hulk hold Johnny 5 so picture good!!!”

Well, back in February I was looking around my local Wal-Mart and decided to buy  a new camera.  A Vivitar that’s 12 MP.  That’ almost 4 times better than that HP!  Think of all the great cat pictures I can take!

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