Bigfoot + Metallic = I was 15 once.



After football I need Lovecraft.

It always comes back to Lovecraft with me.  Sometimes you just need to read a few short stories that fill you with cosmic horror and despair to get your mind off of silly everyday problems.  Maybe the Cowboys will sign a Gug to replace Doug Free.  What’s a Gug?

Starting at Right Tackle from the Dreamland...  Gug!

Starting at Right Tackle from the Dreamland… Gug!

So I need some Lovecraft in my life today!
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Being a Cowboy’s fan makes me sad/confused…

So it starts again, NFL season previews for the upcoming season.  I just bought my first one:  the Pro Football Weekly Preview 2013.


Let’s see here…  2013 prediction…  Dallas Cowboys 7-9 and second place in the NFC East.  But my hero, Jason Garrett is the Head Coach!

"It's a process.  I swear."

“It’s a process. I swear.”

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