Alias 24-08

Brian Michael Bendis may be my new favorite comic book writer.



Grilled?!? Potatoes?!?

The magic of dollar stores is that you find strange products that you don’t feel so guilty about wasting a buck on.  I’ve also learned not to get addicted to anything from a dollar store because it may disappear.  I’m looking at you  Reser’s Dill Dip!  Grrr!

Well the other week I discovered these in the freezer section…

OreIda?  I've heard of that company!  And it looks strange typed like that.

OreIda? I’ve heard of that company! And it looks strange typed like that.

Well lets just say the Foreman Grill didn’t work too well on these so I used both the oven directions and the broiler directions.  Continue reading

The worst part of cleaning the kitchen

Or the scariest.

cleantheoven 001

Which for some reason reminds me of this.


Yes I did move the blender Continue reading

Howard the Duck was screwed too.


Fall of Cthulhu is good and depressing

I just finished the Fall of Cthulhu series from BOOM! the other day and I have to say it was one of the best original Lovecraft comic line I have ever read.  Of course I hold a torch for Mignola’s work and when the Mythos is mixed into a superhero theme (i.e. the Things, Swamp and Man or random Aquaman/Demon team-ups).  This really captured the hopelessness of Lovecraft’s writings while keeping a bit of reprieve for mankind.


Part of the horror of Lovecraft’s work is the utter insignificance of mankind Continue reading

Hot Dogs!





And of course a song from my favorite album of all time.


Spanish again!

I was digging through my random picture files on my computer and I found this:


Of course the whole Hulk motif is why I saved it but as I looked closer I was reminded of my high school graduation party.  Continue reading