I need some Thing in my life…

One of my favorite horror movies of all time is The Thing by John Carpenter.  As a kid I saw the ’50s version on Saturday afternoon TV but it never really caught my attention.  I thought the 1982 version would be similar so I didn’t really seek it out.  Then years later our family’s cable provider was giving a free week long preview of one of the premium channels and I decided to record it. 

Wow.  I was blown away.  Shape-changing alien monsters changed my life. 

As time went on I started picking up on the better parts of the film.  The special effects are wonderful but the story really pushed this into one of my favorite films.  The tension and paranoia of the isolated area and the characters not knowing who’s human or alien ramp up the scariness of the movie.

Whelp, I’m going through some of my old pics on my computer and I decided to post a few Thing related ones up here and settle down and watch the movie again.  Let’s see if it scares the cats…






Oops, wrong Thing...

Oops, wrong Thing…



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