Maybe I was born 10 years too late.

Sometime I feel like I’m still in my 20s but then I look at my drivers license and realize I’m wrong.  Then I go looking through my books and I think: “Man, I feel like I should be older with the things I like.”  I miss when the oldies station didn’t have 70’s weekends and when the local TV broadcasts had sci-fi and monster movies on every weekend afternoon.  Eh, I’m a weirdo.

One of my favorite books to read when I went to my grandparents house was this:


An interesting hodge-podge of many things pseudo-science and of course the big thing for me: cryptozoology. Continue reading


After football I need Lovecraft.

It always comes back to Lovecraft with me.  Sometimes you just need to read a few short stories that fill you with cosmic horror and despair to get your mind off of silly everyday problems.  Maybe the Cowboys will sign a Gug to replace Doug Free.  What’s a Gug?

Starting at Right Tackle from the Dreamland...  Gug!

Starting at Right Tackle from the Dreamland… Gug!

So I need some Lovecraft in my life today!
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H.P.L. died on this day.

Howard Phillip Lovecraft died on March 15th in the year of Great Cthulhu 1937.  Or something like that.  I didn’t get into Lovecraft until my early college years and became a crazed addict to his works and anything linked to the Cthulhu Mythos quickly.  How I had missed his stories being such an avid reader of the horror writing of Stephen King and Clive Barker I don’t know but finding him opened up a whole new world to me. 





The People That Time Forgot.

Guess what was on Cinemax for the last hour of work this morning…

Yes, The People That Time Forgot, and I was able to finish watching it when I got home…

Or read it, if need be…

Edgar Rice Burroughs has a special place in my heart, or maybe it’s the dinosaurs in his stories…  Well and aliens on Venus and Mars…  and I liked John Carter…  and…


The Dark Tower for kids.

I would be scared if Dr Seuss really did his own take on Stephen King’s ginormus tale.

Now if Lego did make Dark Tower sets I would be even more broke. 


Zombies and laundry.

I was washing the clothing at the local laundry establishment due to the fact that my washing machine has demons in its soul and/or water pump.  Being the first one into the laundrymat at 6:57 is quite the unsettling thing.  Then encountering the second person into the laundrymat occurred.  He was a gentleman probably in his fifties with multiple loads of laundry spilling out of the sides of his large white truck.  As he finished loading his washers right across from mine he looked up and asked me:


“What are you?  One of them zombie guys?”


And walked outside not waiting for a response.

I was flabbergasted.  What did he mean?  Did he think my detergent was bath salts?  Did I have a sallow look from working all night before hand?

I finished my washing, came home and realized something:

I was wearing this shirt.

And I was reading this book.

So I guess he was right, I am one of those zombie guys.

That and the worst game of ZOMBIE FOOTBALL happened by the dryers.



My computer is finally fixed, again.

Hopefully this power supply will last longer since it’s brand new.  Only having the interweb at work makes me feel like the world’s saddest owl.

He’s all downy-clowny.

It also didn’t help that my paycheck was late again and the CD-ROM on my old computer doesn’t work so installing the programming for wireless internet took some time.  So what to do when your computer is on the fritz?  Read.

I finally finished Sense and Sensability and Sea Monsters, read the new Dark Tower book Wind Through the Keyhole and the Ultimates Volume 2.  And there are several other books that I haven’t read or want to re-read sitting on my bookshelves.  It’s been almost 20 years since I last read the Hobbit and I want to squeeze that in before the movies come out.

And hopefully my computer will stay up and running for a long time because I hate looking like this: