I tried to make these…


But they came out like this…


I have failed.


Cat hug.


This is concerning.

booty and pussy pop dr heckle funny wtf gifs

The worst part of cleaning the kitchen

Or the scariest.

cleantheoven 001

Which for some reason reminds me of this.


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Hot Dogs!





And of course a song from my favorite album of all time.


Digital Cameras: Friend or Foe?

I own three digital cameras and fear change so I’ve been having issues taking pictures of my random cookings.  The past year or so I’ve been using one of my parent’s old cameras, a klunky HP 735 that’s 3.2 MP and drinks batteries like we’re on a cheap date.  It took good pictures if the subject stood still but when you’re a crazy cat gentleman like me it just didn’t cut it…

"Hulk hold Johnny 5 so picture good!!!"

“Hulk hold Johnny 5 so picture good!!!”

Well, back in February I was looking around my local Wal-Mart and decided to buy  a new camera.  A Vivitar that’s 12 MP.  That’ almost 4 times better than that HP!  Think of all the great cat pictures I can take!

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Scratch, scratch, scratch…

My cats were sad that their scratching post was quickly dying. 

"If you don't fix this soon I'm getting in your closet and doing this to your jeans."

“If you don’t fix this soon I’m getting in your closet and doing this to your jeans.”

Well the neat thing about that scratching post is you can buy replacement scratching parts when your angry cats tear the crap out of everything!

scratchpizza 002

Johnny 5 was concerned when I replaced the scratch mat.  Or maybe upset…

"Hours of hard work, and you just took it all away."

“Hours of hard work, and you just took it all away.”

Johnny finally warmed up to the new one and started scratching away to his heart’s content.

"Yes!  Oh yes!  I'm scratching my tears away!"

“Yes! Oh yes! I’m scratching my tears away!”

Then things got weird and this happened:

scratchpizza 005

I need a new vacuum.