Cthulhu shirts!

I own shirts.  Lots of shirts.  And I love Cthulhu and anything H. P. Lovecraft related.  And I don’t do enough posts on this here blog.  So I figured it was time to show a couple of my obsessions and make it look like I’m doing something on this here blog!



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Some Baby Cthulhu


I read me some comics last night!

Somehow I was told I needed to read the comic series Planetary.  I’m not sure if it was a friend on Facebook, a website I go to or the strange late ’90s comic book ads I receive from BEYOND TIME!!!  Well, whoever/whatever did it, I thank he/she/it.  And what sealed the deal was this just a few pages into the 2nd issue:


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Fall of Cthulhu is good and depressing

I just finished the Fall of Cthulhu series from BOOM! the other day and I have to say it was one of the best original Lovecraft comic line I have ever read.  Of course I hold a torch for Mignola’s work and when the Mythos is mixed into a superhero theme (i.e. the Things, Swamp and Man or random Aquaman/Demon team-ups).  This really captured the hopelessness of Lovecraft’s writings while keeping a bit of reprieve for mankind.


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And Hog-Thosloth?  The Elder Gods of Earth C?  Ah, Captain Carrot, I keep finding all kinds of neat things I missed as a kid.


After football I need Lovecraft.

It always comes back to Lovecraft with me.  Sometimes you just need to read a few short stories that fill you with cosmic horror and despair to get your mind off of silly everyday problems.  Maybe the Cowboys will sign a Gug to replace Doug Free.  What’s a Gug?

Starting at Right Tackle from the Dreamland...  Gug!

Starting at Right Tackle from the Dreamland… Gug!

So I need some Lovecraft in my life today!
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H.P.L. died on this day.

Howard Phillip Lovecraft died on March 15th in the year of Great Cthulhu 1937.  Or something like that.  I didn’t get into Lovecraft until my early college years and became a crazed addict to his works and anything linked to the Cthulhu Mythos quickly.  How I had missed his stories being such an avid reader of the horror writing of Stephen King and Clive Barker I don’t know but finding him opened up a whole new world to me.