Tony the Tiger Diver


Hours of fun… WE SWEAR!!!

Yes sometime in the 1980s I was eating Frosted Flakes and I received this magical Diving Tony toy.  My dad couldn’t finish off that 2 liter of New Coke fast enough for my liking.  (But can you blame him?)  So, finally empty bottle was filled with tap water and Tony the Tiger started his Diving Adventure!  Wait, I just thought of something: somebody must have this on Youtube.


That was about the same amount of time that applied Tony as a diver.  The toy itself was made of a hard plastic and had a tail that stuck out going in a straight line up the back.  If you set Tony on his tummy it was easy to imagine the legs and tail as fins on a missle.  Tony the Diver was now Tony the Tiger Striped Weapon of Mass Destruction!  The only thing that could stop the Decepticons when they took over the Death Star!  Ah, I miss my living room floor in the ’80s.


Jaws changes his mind.

First he was like:


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I’m craving hot dogs right now.

Sometimes a man craves a good hot dog.  Or a bad one.  Or 18 in one sitting which is my personal record.  Hot dogs can be a great mystery for all of us and like a late ’70s television special on UFOs we question:  Do we really want to know the truth?


And sometimes HOT DOGS ATTACK!







This afternoon I decided to break down and order pizza even though a tasty Red Baron had been eying me the past week from my freezer.  Even though Papa John’s has been taunting me with their e-mails and promises of points and how close I am to a free pizza I decided to go the cheaper way and choose Domino’s.  I know alot of people aren’t big on Domino’s but they have on of the best pizza’s a major chain can make in my opinion.  I usually get the 2 mediums for $5.99 each deal and on one I order it with white sauce instead of red and the two toppings Philly steak and green bell peppers.  It costs a $1 more but makes a dern good Philly Cheese Steak Pizza.

Oh so gooey, greasy and good.

Oh so gooey, greasy and good.

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Food from my past!

I was digging around the interweb, as usual, and found a few random food items that I had blocked from my mind.  Sometime the things you crave from your childhood horrify and terrify your adult soul.  Or sometimes you just wish they still existed for you to mix vodka with.


The lack of giant monster foods in my life has hurt and upset me for years.  I swore to myself that the monster on the far right was King Kong.  Unfortunately the giant gorilla head usually only appeared once in these boxes and was the nasty grape or orange flavor.  Ugh.

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Grilled?!? Potatoes?!?

The magic of dollar stores is that you find strange products that you don’t feel so guilty about wasting a buck on.  I’ve also learned not to get addicted to anything from a dollar store because it may disappear.  I’m looking at you  Reser’s Dill Dip!  Grrr!

Well the other week I discovered these in the freezer section…

OreIda?  I've heard of that company!  And it looks strange typed like that.

OreIda? I’ve heard of that company! And it looks strange typed like that.

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Hot Dogs!





And of course a song from my favorite album of all time.