Tony Mandarich on Tecmo Super Bowl

Last night I was watching the December 3rd 1989 game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one of the annoucers stated that the Packers’ first round draft pick, 2nd overall, still hadn’t played that season.  Tony Mandarich was that draft pick and in fact he never even started a game in his first year.  He played only 3 seasons with the Packers and has this legacy:


Mandarich later admitted to using steroids and having a poor work ethic which probably were major factors in his becoming a bust.  He did, however, have a decent comeback playing with the Colts after a few years out of football.  Now, being a person of my age I went to the best place for me to judge the ability of a football player that played in either the 1990 or ’91 season.


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Being a Cowboy’s fan makes me sad/confused…

So it starts again, NFL season previews for the upcoming season.  I just bought my first one:  the Pro Football Weekly Preview 2013.


Let’s see here…  2013 prediction…  Dallas Cowboys 7-9 and second place in the NFC East.  But my hero, Jason Garrett is the Head Coach!

"It's a process.  I swear."

“It’s a process. I swear.”

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A Weird Dream.

I had a weird dream last night, hence the title of this blog.  It started out feeling like an ’80s comedy but as I was released from jail for my wacky hijinks I ran into someone down the hallway.  Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan.


Yep, the same Buddy Ryan that punched Kevin Gilbride when they were on the same team:

Well, in this dream Coach Ryan was telling a group of people that the Senate needed to do something about the budget.  The current Presidency had caused enough problems and the salaries of high school teachers were way to low.  The time to impeach is now!

I feared he would sense that I’m a Cowboys fan…
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Guess what’s tomorrow.

Somehow I only own 3 Ravens cards.  I blame Len Dawson.

Somehow I only own 3 Ravens cards. I blame Len Dawson.

Super Bowl time!  The end of a season for me these days.  Cause back in my day the Pro Bowl was played after the Super Bowl and we liked it!!! 

So tomorrow features two teams that I really don’t care about.  Once again I can think of reasons I’d rather each team to lose instead of any reason I want either to win.

Fix your f-n hat!  It's driving me insane!

Fix your f-n hat! It’s driving me insane!

Because the murders occurred in Atlanta Ray Lewis was forced to wear the colors of the Falcons.

Because the murders occurred in Atlanta, Ray Lewis was forced to wear the colors of the Falcons.

Gosh, I gotta find someone to root for…  Wait a second…  San Francisco has Leonard Davis now…

All these guys are in red.

All these guys are in red.

That’s right, Leonard Davis former Dallas Cowboy and current bass player for metal band  FREE REIGN!!!

Alright!  Go 49ers!  And sorry Free Reign but I’ll probably never listen to that song again.




Superman can lose…

Remember when this happened?


Well I finally found a player that can stop old Supes on the gridiron.

"You can't defend what you can't see!  Wait, my uniform is still on..."

“You can’t defend what you can’t see! Wait, my uniform is still on…”

I’m very confused by the action behind these two.  Maybe it’s a Friday night and Superman and the Phantom Quarterback are playing by themselves at the edge of the High School field.  All alone.  Because they have no friends.  Because they use their powers for evil.  Come on, invisiblity and X-Ray vision at a High School…  You see what’s going on here…

Oh, want to know where the Phantom Quarterback came from?  Here you go:


So now you know.  Jerry Jones go sign the Phantom Quarterback, he’s the next RG3.

Go ahead, get on the football field…


This would not happen.

That girl would’ve been crushed.  Eaten.  And sent to the principal’s office. 

This is what would happen:


Look closer:

This fan is screaming for his soul and crapping several other people’s pants.

And after she got tackled she would look like this:

“If I had a dick I’d tell you to suck it.” Look, she said that in Lake Placid. It’s a quote.


A little more Junior Seau…

It’s been a little over 2 months since Junior Seau passed away and it just came out today that his family is donating his brain tissue to be studied.  Here’s the article from Yahoo:–spt.html

Seau was one of my favorite football players growing up and I put together a collage of his football cards right before the Great Apartment Flood of 2012.  I love the fact that he’s wearing Zubaz in one of these.