Bruce Banner needs adult diapers



Hulk make Matt happy.

Between being sick, dealing with girls and having car problems I’ve been neglecting this here blog.  So here’s the Hulk regressing from issues 292-300:



Hulk hate lab coat!

This was my favorite tie of all time.

I once owned this tie:

Not my actual former tie.  Some lucky, blessed person's current tie.

Not my actual former tie. Some lucky, blessed person’s current tie.

A friend of mine gave me a magical Hulk tie that I was proud to wear.  But then, one night, in the midst of stupid folly, I wore the tie to a bar.  The Black Dog bar…

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Alias 24-08

Brian Michael Bendis may be my new favorite comic book writer.


The Fantastic Four got roasted.

Back in 1982 Marvel decided to print a comic book roast of the Fantastic Four conceived by Fred Hembeck and fleshed out more by Jim Shooter.  It featured almost every major artist working for Marvel at the time  and was really weird.  Of course Ben Grimm took the brunt of the roasting, here’s Thor mocking  him with his golden tresses.


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She Hulk vs Hulk (kinda)

I’ve been reading the Acts of Vengeance series from Marvel just recently.  The series came out in 1989 which was right in my wheelhouse of youthful comic reading.  A large cross-title storyline in which the villians attacked heroes that they wouldn’t normally fight.  Since I was following several titles at the time I had read most of the series when it came out.  Well, going through it recently I read several issues of Cloak and Dagger that were part of the story.  And the Green Hulk was on the cover.

Wait, the Hulk was grey at the time.  What the crap?  So the Avengers show up and Dagger is blind and Cloak has powers and I don’t remember them and…  Well, the Hulk’s cousin, She Hulk, takes on her angry family member…


Yep, a robot.  The same robot that gets used all the time by by random villians to make you say: “Oh, no.  The Hulk’s really lost it now!  Will (fill in the Marvel title you’re reading) be able to survive?!?”  Then they notice everytime this Hulk hits them it feels the same (which how does that work?)  So the hero fighting the Hulk realizes the madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk stays…  Oh, it’s a robot.  Something about cosmic energy and then questioning which foul super genius sent this after me.

Well this time RoboHulk has some new weapons.


Yes.  Tickling.  Wouldn’t work on Iron Man.  I think.  Tony Stark may have a Mark 19 fetish armor somewhere.

The battle continues!


She Hulk gains the upper hand and saves the day.  All while wearing capri pants!


I wonder what 13 year old me would have thought about this whole ordeal.  I’m surprised I didn’t buy the Cloak and Dagger issues with the Hulk on the cover, but I don’t even remember seeing them.  If I did maybe I passed up on them since I was buying 32 different Spiderman titles since I was so excited he had COSMIC POWERS! Yeah, maybe more on that later…

I’m busy and WordPress doesn’t work at my job.

Sorry folks, I’ve been taking classes recently and trying to master the one hour nap.  Cats don’t like when you take a one hour nap.  They let you know.  Also for what ever reason WordPress doesn’t work very well at my job which would be very nice on those nights I average one call every hour from 2 am to 5 am.  Bleh.  Where here’s some Hulk stuff!

randomcrapclasstime 010

It always brightens my day seeing an Arthur Adams’ Hulk drawing!


And the NFL draft is Thursday.  I hope the Cowboys draft the Hulk!