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So, as I slowly get these little posts about music and how it’s intertwined into my love life, I hadn’t had one happen in my life recently.  Basically since I started this blog I haven’t had a girl that I really like that had a song that would always make me think of her when I heard it.  My romantic life these past few years has been rocky to say the least.  Well things happen and sometimes we find someone that we weren’t looking for.  All the stars align and it’s beautiful.  But then one gets destroyed by the Death Star and everything gets crazy.  Or crazzy if you ask Crazy Dave.

I am currently crushing on a girl pretty majorly and somehow a song fell into place with me liking her.  The first line in Lorde’s song “Ribs” is “The drink you spilt all over me.”  Well,  One of the first times we hung out together with just the two of us I found one of those new Coke bottles with the “Share a Coke with…” label with her name on it.


I had it stuffed in my backpack as we wandered around downtown Fort Worth and while we were sitting down together at the Water Gardens I decided to open it up.  Guess what happened.  Whoosh!  Ker-splash!  Make your own sound effect!

Well, I hadn’t really listened to much of Lorde’s album, I’d pretty much switch it off after I heard “Royals” but I ended up listening to more of it on a whim.  “Ribs” made me think of the innocence that our first few days together was like.  Holding hands as we walked around, just enjoying being together.  We had a first kiss that I’m probably going to remember forever and she has a smile that will always melt my heart.  What comes next I don’t know but I’m being very hopeful.  Anywho here’s the song that I hope I’ll be enjoying for years to come:


34 years ago Led Zeppelin did this to me.

August 15, 1979 an album was released.  Wrapped in a brown paper cover with a stamp on the front it became my favorite album of all time a good 16 years later.  I still own it on vinyl, cassette, CD, and somewhere in a box here or at my parent’s house 8-Track.  It’s Led Zeppelin’s In Through the Out Door.


Now, I’ve already talked about Fool in the Rain on this blog Continue reading

Hot Dogs!





And of course a song from my favorite album of all time.


Spanish again!

I was digging through my random picture files on my computer and I found this:


Of course the whole Hulk motif is why I saved it but as I looked closer I was reminded of my high school graduation party.  Continue reading

I can’t find the right photo…

So here’s a picture of my friend Jordan Christensen and somebody’s baby.


Jordan was the drummer for Crazy Dave’s Slightly Used Porn.  We would play parks in the middle of the day.

That's him back there.  Wave hi.  Soccer moms were angry.

That’s him back there. Wave hi. Soccer moms were angry.

We had issues.

My microphone's been drinking!

My microphone’s been drinking!

Then 9-11 changed everything.  Actually it was the manager of the U-Haul place that changed.  The new one kicked us out.  Our career was over.  The End.

Fear the power of Satanic Peter Tork!!!

So I was bouncing around a few horror related blogs this morning and I watched a clip from a movie called Don’t Deliver Us from Evil!

The French banded their own film!  How shocking!

The French banned their own film! How shocking!

I’d heard of the movie before and just jumbled it in with all the satanic movies of the ’60s and ’70s.  I figured I’d watch the Satanic Rites clip for a chuckle and found something that made it better.  The priest looks like Peter Tork of the Monkees!  Well a little older and more satanic.  See for yourself.

How I remember the Monkees TV show is that they always had to put on some sort of disguise to try to get out of trouble.  This of course would backfire and they’d be locked up in some Third World Country and fed rats.  Or something like that, but it seems I remember Peter always wearing a weird hat.

"I am the Shake of Aruba, free my friends and you shall receive a 1960s pop music song!"

“I am the Shake of Aruba, free my friends and you shall receive a 1960s pop music song!”

Obviously the satanic priest from Don’t Deliver Us from Evil isn’t Peter Tork.  He’s much older and Peter is a happy-go-lucky scamp that would never side with the dark forces of Satan.

Or would he...

Or would he…


Guess what’s tomorrow.

Somehow I only own 3 Ravens cards.  I blame Len Dawson.

Somehow I only own 3 Ravens cards. I blame Len Dawson.

Super Bowl time!  The end of a season for me these days.  Cause back in my day the Pro Bowl was played after the Super Bowl and we liked it!!! 

So tomorrow features two teams that I really don’t care about.  Once again I can think of reasons I’d rather each team to lose instead of any reason I want either to win.

Fix your f-n hat!  It's driving me insane!

Fix your f-n hat! It’s driving me insane!

Because the murders occurred in Atlanta Ray Lewis was forced to wear the colors of the Falcons.

Because the murders occurred in Atlanta, Ray Lewis was forced to wear the colors of the Falcons.

Gosh, I gotta find someone to root for…  Wait a second…  San Francisco has Leonard Davis now…

All these guys are in red.

All these guys are in red.

That’s right, Leonard Davis former Dallas Cowboy and current bass player for metal band  FREE REIGN!!!

Alright!  Go 49ers!  And sorry Free Reign but I’ll probably never listen to that song again.