Tony Mandarich on Tecmo Super Bowl

Last night I was watching the December 3rd 1989 game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one of the annoucers stated that the Packers’ first round draft pick, 2nd overall, still hadn’t played that season.  Tony Mandarich was that draft pick and in fact he never even started a game in his first year.  He played only 3 seasons with the Packers and has this legacy:


Mandarich later admitted to using steroids and having a poor work ethic which probably were major factors in his becoming a bust.  He did, however, have a decent comeback playing with the Colts after a few years out of football.  Now, being a person of my age I went to the best place for me to judge the ability of a football player that played in either the 1990 or ’91 season.


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Ninjas + Golf = Ninja Golf!

Back in 1990 the scary Atari 7800 was around trying to scrape out an existence against the good old NES.  Well we all know what happened but the Atari 7800 had one up on Mario’s home platform:  Ninja Golf!

Sir, I don't think that's a regulation club.

Sir, I don’t think that’s a regulation club.

Unfortunately I never have played this magical game but there are other magicks in this world.  Like Youtube.


Just the fact that you have to battle sharks when crossing water hazards makes this the greatest golfing game ever.  It also is probably the only golf game you can die in. 

Play better or it's seppuku for you!

Play better or it’s seppuku for you!

All I know is the next Tiger Woods better be this awesome.