Tony the Tiger Diver


Hours of fun… WE SWEAR!!!

Yes sometime in the 1980s I was eating Frosted Flakes and I received this magical Diving Tony toy.  My dad couldn’t finish off that 2 liter of New Coke fast enough for my liking.  (But can you blame him?)  So, finally empty bottle was filled with tap water and Tony the Tiger started his Diving Adventure!  Wait, I just thought of something: somebody must have this on Youtube.


That was about the same amount of time that applied Tony as a diver.  The toy itself was made of a hard plastic and had a tail that stuck out going in a straight line up the back.  If you set Tony on his tummy it was easy to imagine the legs and tail as fins on a missle.  Tony the Diver was now Tony the Tiger Striped Weapon of Mass Destruction!  The only thing that could stop the Decepticons when they took over the Death Star!  Ah, I miss my living room floor in the ’80s.


The most awesome presents had this on back:


Food from my past!

I was digging around the interweb, as usual, and found a few random food items that I had blocked from my mind.  Sometime the things you crave from your childhood horrify and terrify your adult soul.  Or sometimes you just wish they still existed for you to mix vodka with.


The lack of giant monster foods in my life has hurt and upset me for years.  I swore to myself that the monster on the far right was King Kong.  Unfortunately the giant gorilla head usually only appeared once in these boxes and was the nasty grape or orange flavor.  Ugh.

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He went from this…


To this:



Fear his wrath, Cobra.  And his well knit hat from his great-aunt Mildred.

The Fantastic Four got roasted.

Back in 1982 Marvel decided to print a comic book roast of the Fantastic Four conceived by Fred Hembeck and fleshed out more by Jim Shooter.  It featured almost every major artist working for Marvel at the time  and was really weird.  Of course Ben Grimm took the brunt of the roasting, here’s Thor mocking  him with his golden tresses.


Several other heroes get into the act Continue reading

Me heart Dinosaurs.

Growing up I was like many a young lad and obsessed with Dinosaurs.  Luckily for me my parents were fine with my crazed love of prehistoric beasts and often took me to various Dinosaur parks and museums.  Thus plenty of photos of giant Dinosaur statues.  Some I even stood near!

I'm wearing a Gumby shirt!

I’m wearing a Gumby shirt!

If I had been in my twenties I would've fallen and hurt myself!

If I had been in my twenties I would’ve fallen and hurt myself!

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More Acts of Vengeance…

Marvel’s magical cross-title story line from the late ’80s to the early ’90s has a place in my heart.  Mainly because it was the first story line that I was actively following several titles at the time.  Rereading these titles has made me scared. 


Not really scared, but I am picking up on a lot more things that I missed in my early teens.  Like Hercules singing along with his Walkman:

Yeah, Thor had to leave because Herc sucks as a singer.

Yeah, Thor had to leave because Herc sucks as a singer.  Ooh!  They have the new issues of ALF!

Yes Hercules is singing this song:

On this machine:

And Thor isn’t Donald Blake!


mind blown

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