Some more Arthur Adams art…

art adams morbius

art adams vampira





The Truth about King Kong vs Godzilla

By Art Adams:







Art Adams 1950s Sci-Fi stuff…


Love me some Arthur Adams…
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I’m busy and WordPress doesn’t work at my job.

Sorry folks, I’ve been taking classes recently and trying to master the one hour nap.  Cats don’t like when you take a one hour nap.  They let you know.  Also for what ever reason WordPress doesn’t work very well at my job which would be very nice on those nights I average one call every hour from 2 am to 5 am.  Bleh.  Where here’s some Hulk stuff!

randomcrapclasstime 010

It always brightens my day seeing an Arthur Adams’ Hulk drawing!


And the NFL draft is Thursday.  I hope the Cowboys draft the Hulk!



Wolverine fighting a… Wait a second…

So, I was going through the internet the other day and I stumbled upon this Art Adams picture of Wolverine fighting some weird monster thing.

1991 aa wolvie

At first I thought nothing of it and then a few days later I was looking closer and thought I recognized this monster…



It’s Biollante!

Yes, I’m pretty sure Arthur Adams intended to draw a picture of Wolverine fighting Biollante.  At least a midget version.  Now if only he’d draw a picture of the Hulk and Godzilla fighting…

The strangest Arthur Adams cover ever…

HMANnaa…  daaaarrr…  what in the crap of Hell?

Screw the Blockheads, Gumby… YOU’RE IN HELL!

Wow, I really want to read this comic.

Oh, and I need to write about MST3K again…


A little more Arthur Adams…

Saw that Arthur Adams had done a cover for an upcoming issue of the Secret Avengers.  I guess Venom is an Avenger now.  Or a Secret Avenger.  I think Red Hulk is also.  Or Rhulk.  Or something.  I don’t know!  I’m behind!  Don’t look at me!!!

Oh, and it looks like they’re in a Superhero strip club. Also Taskmaster and Bi-Beast should never be in the same comic.

I always love anything Adams does, especially Marvel-wise.  Here’s a take on the Known Avengers.

And here’s Elvira!  For some reason.  Blame my roommate.

Comic Cleavage!