Some more Arthur Adams art…

art adams morbius

art adams vampira





Marge Attacks


Mars Attacks the Transformers

IDW put out a series of one-shot comics featuring Mars Attacks and other characters.  Like KISS and Popeye.  I’m serious.  Well the Martians also did battle with my favorite giant transforming robots from the  1980s!

Mars Attacks the Transformers 01 (2013) (digital-Empire) 001

And Spike adds to the excitement!


Later on we get to hear the greatest Martian translation IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!


Ah, taunting the recently deceased for taunting you.

I miss He-Man





Another scary mashup…

Last week I stumbled upon a low budget movie that will be coming out later this year whose poster grabbed my attention…

Finally the Power Glove comes to the Civil War!

Finally the Power Glove comes to the Civil War!

So of course I had to watch the trailer.  Here’s that then:

What was that?  Besides a little bit of everything?  At least it lets you know going in that it’s gonna be batsh*t crazy.  But when I heard Civil War + Frankenstein’s Monster this was not what I expected.

Heck you could make an awesome movie called Lincolnstein with these next two pictures…

"John Wilkes Booth tried, but the North has Victor Von Frankenstein!!!"

“John Wilkes Booth tried, but the North has Victor Von Frankenstein!!!”


And the movie ends with a small town New England cop ramming a hot air balloon into Lincolnstein.  Saving all of mankind…



My favorite Christmas cartoon, cause people DIE!

I first saw this cartoon sometime in my early teens and thought it was awesome then.  There’s nothing more festive than the tale of the human race killing themselves off in violent warfare.  As told by a squirrel.



At the time I played the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle role playing game which had several books about a  post-apocalyptic world ruled by mutant animal called After the Bomb.  In which the animals were more violent than the above cartoon.  And they went in orbit.  Which the squirrel family did not.   Bummer.

"You're not Birdie from McDs!  I wanted an Egg McMuffin!"

“You’re not Birdie from McDs! I wanted an Egg McMuffin!”


Oh yeah, these came out in the ’80s so of course there had to be a book about Australia.


Boomerang vs. guns?  You be the judge.

Boomerang vs. guns? You be the judge.

I love me some Devil Dinosaur.

Apparently there’s some comic called The Avenging Spiderman and the 15th issue features this:

As the world knows and understands I love Devil Dinosaur.  And here’s another awesome comic idea!

And yes, I even love him in that cheesy cartoon…