Some Random Short Story

I ran across this story messing around with one of my old computers.  I barely remember writing it, it was from a time of lots of beer and liquor in my life.  And Lovecraft if you can imagine that.  I just read through it quickly and decided to throw it on here with this little intro and no editing.  Hope you enjoy it.

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I need some Thing in my life…

One of my favorite horror movies of all time is The Thing by John Carpenter.  As a kid I saw the ’50s version on Saturday afternoon TV but it never really caught my attention.  I thought the 1982 version would be similar so I didn’t really seek it out.  Then years later our family’s cable provider was giving a free week long preview of one of the premium channels and I decided to record it.  Continue reading

He was a young boy who loved his music…






H.P.L. died on this day.

Howard Phillip Lovecraft died on March 15th in the year of Great Cthulhu 1937.  Or something like that.  I didn’t get into Lovecraft until my early college years and became a crazed addict to his works and anything linked to the Cthulhu Mythos quickly.  How I had missed his stories being such an avid reader of the horror writing of Stephen King and Clive Barker I don’t know but finding him opened up a whole new world to me. 





I want this Decker shirt dernit!

Tax return time!  Even though I’m getting a lot less than I should I’m at least getting some money back.  So instead of complaining about my job I’ll complain about something else.

Tax return time means replacing the clothing that I’ve wore out in the past year.  So I need tee shirts.  And I’m a Nightbreed fan.  I get online to find the one I had my eye on with Decker on the front.  Guess what, they’re sold out and discontinued!  Being a Nightbreed fan is so hard!.!.!  

This was the shirt...

This was the shirt…

Decker was the serial killer/psychotherapist played by David Cronenberg in the movie.  Yes, that David Cronenberg.  One of my favorite villians in one of my favorite movies and books since Nightbreed is based off of Clive Barker’s story Cabal. 


Well, at least the website Fright Rags lets you send a request to have them bring a shirt back.  So I’m requesting dammit!  Or I guess I could search the internet for another place that might have a Decker shirt.  Or silkscreen one myself.  Ow, that gives me a headache.  Maybe I should just get a huge back tattoo of this:



What I’d like to read tonight…

Mutant penguins! Waugh, waugh, waugh!

I’ve been on a graphic novel kick recently.  They’re much easier to pick up and put down than trying to read a book at work.  And since you can never gauge how busy overnights can be it’s nice to have something to pass the time.  And one of the things I love is Lovecraft.  Combine this with superheroes in a comic book and I’m all in.

The Doom that Came to Gotham is one of my favorite of the Elseworlds series.  Mixing Batman into H.P. Lovecraft’s world works extremely well (heck both have their own Arkham) and the take on all of the different DC characters feels right.  Of course that’s because of Mike Mignola’s writing, he’s done the same thing in his Hellboy comics mixing a superhero into a world of monsters and madness.

Yeah, I’m underselling it.  And spending too much time thinking about it.

Basically it’s a dern fine series that I wish I had in graphic novel form.  I’m not even sure if it’s been printed that way, but it is something I enjoy rereading over and over again.  I do wish Mignola had done more artwork than just the covers but in my old age I’ve discovered story outweighs the pictures in the panel.  Now if only Marvel would do something like this because I would love to see the Hulk in Innsmouth…

Now here’s Superman fighting Cthulhu:

Superman! No!

MST3K 1: Squirm episode 1012

The beginning of a beautiful thing...

 I have papers laying all over the place with things written on them.  Things that don’t make too much sense.  Notes I’ve taken while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Just crazy random quotes that I heard or think I heard.  And now I’ll share them with you.

First a little background from me, I saw this movie when I was 10 or 11 at my aunt and uncles house.  My cousin that’s my age told it was her favorite horror movie and they were all sure that since I loved monster movies that I would love Squirm.  Well there’s a reason it’s on MST3K and blood sucking worms don’t equal up to Gamera loving all children.  I never trusted my family’s judgement on movies again.  (Except Clash of the Titans.  I swear every other time they babysat me it was on the Saturday Night Million Dollar Movie on TV 39.)

And now what I (may) have heard:

We’re gonna stick out heads in the towel dispensor. 

People read slowly back then. 

One clod says something and the whole world pays. 

He visited him nightly until he was driven mad. 

It helps if you’re stupid. 

It’s Paula Cole scatting. 

Evil little kid music. 

I won’t sing anymore until the check clears the bank. 

The Jim Varney Library. 

All the Smithfield Hams will go off… 

Mind if I paw through your underwear drawer while I’m hear?  It’ll save me a trip. 

I’ll pack a picnic of skin and hands. 

Fishing in his new school clothes. 

I will dye my hair clown red for you. 

Were any antiques harmed? 

Oh, I’ll go lock myself back in the attic. 

Free kittens with mange. 

I smell pork and it ain’t the special. 

Please pass something brown. 

Kevin McHale: cross dresser. 

An unbaked breadstick in slacks. 

Ah, the Peeping Tree. 

The Anti-Bird Rally is failing.

Money was spent... ON WORMS!!!