Love’s musical posts… current!

So, as I slowly get these little posts about music and how it’s intertwined into my love life, I hadn’t had one happen in my life recently.  Basically since I started this blog I haven’t had a girl that I really like that had a song that would always make me think of her when I heard it.  My romantic life these past few years has been rocky to say the least.  Well things happen and sometimes we find someone that we weren’t looking for.  All the stars align and it’s beautiful.  But then one gets destroyed by the Death Star and everything gets crazy.  Or crazzy if you ask Crazy Dave.

I am currently crushing on a girl pretty majorly and somehow a song fell into place with me liking her.  The first line in Lorde’s song “Ribs” is “The drink you spilt all over me.”  Well,  One of the first times we hung out together with just the two of us I found one of those new Coke bottles with the “Share a Coke with…” label with her name on it.


I had it stuffed in my backpack as we wandered around downtown Fort Worth and while we were sitting down together at the Water Gardens I decided to open it up.  Guess what happened.  Whoosh!  Ker-splash!  Make your own sound effect!

Well, I hadn’t really listened to much of Lorde’s album, I’d pretty much switch it off after I heard “Royals” but I ended up listening to more of it on a whim.  “Ribs” made me think of the innocence that our first few days together was like.  Holding hands as we walked around, just enjoying being together.  We had a first kiss that I’m probably going to remember forever and she has a smile that will always melt my heart.  What comes next I don’t know but I’m being very hopeful.  Anywho here’s the song that I hope I’ll be enjoying for years to come:


Love’s musical post part 8

September 11th, 2001.  A day we all will remember.

And the first time I ever sang karaoke.

My last long term relationship had fallen apart and I had bounced around a few places after moving out.  I was staying in a strange apartment used more for sleep than anything else.  Heck, I had to use a fold out couch for my bed because the room was so small that a normal bed wouldn’t fit.  I was working at Albertson’s  at the time and a few nights a week as a bouncer at a crummy dive bar with no cute patrons.

The night before I was sent home early from the bar.  Since I had the next day off I went to downtown Fort Worth because I knew some friends were at a club.  A club that was FOUR CLUBS IN ONE!!!  We closed down three of those four clubs and I went home expecting to sleep well into the afternoon.  That didn’t happen.

For some reason I woke up early and turned on the radio.  Sports Radio 1310 the Ticket, but they weren’t talking sports.  They were talking about how a small one to two person plane had hit one of the Twin Towers.  Well, that’s not what had really happened and we all know the rest of that story.  As for my story…

I went and gave blood that day and then gathered up a few friends.  And found out where my ex was going to be that night.  When you’re young it’s really easy to convince yourself you can get them back.  Especially when you’re lacking blood and had a few beers.

So we ended up at a bar that was known for cars getting broken into and the cops harassing the patrons as they left.  For karaoke night.  You can see where this is going can’t you…  I was sure I could get her back with a well sung tune on this emotional day and she and I would get married and live happily ever after.

I guess I picked the wrong song.

Or it was the fact I really sucked at singing it.

Oh well, life went on.  She married the guy she was there with and I never got to slash his tires.  Dern it.  But I did move out of that apartment shortly after and embarked on another dumb part of my life.

So what song that could have tipped the balance for me did I horribly butcher?  Why One by Three Dog Night!  Here you go:


Love’s musical post part 7

This one’s a hard one.  Probably the hardest one because it was part of a perfect storm.  That and I didn’t know the lyrics…

So, here I was with a girl that I had been with for almost 3 years.  Early twenties, living together, having our problems and we went and saw one of her favorite actor’s new movies.  One Crazy Summer.  Oh wait, that would have been awesome.  It was High Fidelity.  No movie review here.

So we got into an arguement in the parking lot as we were leaving and started the fuming ride home, her driving, me staring out the passenger side.  The fabulous Grapevine Mills Mall and its state of the art new theater receding in the background.  And this song came on the radio and I pretty much only knew the title.  But this song made something click in my head and made me realize this was the girl I wanted to be with for the rest of my life…

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

So here it is, with lyrics and maybe why it was the worst/perfect song about that relationship.

Dern you Gordon Lightfoot.



Love’s musical list part 3

Remember when I was talking about metal and mullets and love?  Well Led Zeppelin fits right in the middle of all that.  Especially when you’re positive someone’s cheating on you.  And you end up being right.

My musical tastes were becoming more defined at this time.  I was moving away from the loudest, heaviest stuff I could find and back to things similar to what I would listen to before the start of my teenage anger.  Metal led me back to classic rock which led me back to oldies.  Now, I know Led Zeppelin’s not oldies but this song really reminded me of Billy Joel and our oldies station did play this once in a blue moon.  Yep, I was the title of this song then and a few times afterward.  “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin:


Stop trying to make plans with that woman!

Just finished tanning for my hot date.
I’ll make this a fast one becasue I don’t like talking too much about my social life on here and I hate posting too much info on Facebook.  I like being dark and cryptic on there with pictures of cats and bacon.

It is pure magic.

But, basically I just wanted to throw this down somewhere.  I have a friend that I like too much.  She sends me texts and messages that we never hang out anymore and since I work overnights it is hard for me to schedule any type of hanging out with the normal world.  Well I’ve moved around my schedule several times in an attempt to hang out…
So this past Friday a mutual friend’s band was playing and then all Hell broke loose.  That’s when I found out she was dating the mutual friend and they had been hiding it from me.  Of course there was the big “It’s not really serious,”  “He’s having a baby with the girl he met when he got out of prison,”  and the “We’ll talk about it on Tuesday.”
Thanks to Facebook I just found out they’re going to Movie Date Night at her work on Tuesday night.
Basically it is a pain in the rear setting up a night off on the weekdays.  And changing my sleep pattern.  And finding a cool dark place to sleep in the middle of the day.
This is why I need to stop making plans with that woman.  They fall through too often and I end up hurt.

Emo Matt is sad.