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Remember when Spiderman died?

Wait, Nick Fury is black?!?

Wait, Nick Fury is black?!?

This whole ordeal confused me when it first happened.  I was going through a lull in comic reading and a big annoucement came out that there was a new Spiderman.  A half black, half hispanic Spiderman.  And Peter Parker had died!!!

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Spider-man is non-mutant and proud!

So, I was reading Acts of Vengeance a few weeks ago and got to the exciting Cosmic Powered Spiderman battle of his new boss who has Puma powers cause he’s the Puma and they fight Clea-vage or Titannia or what ever.

Stop!  Spider Time!!!

Stop! Spider Time!!!

Wait, what’s that say on top of the cover?



Non-Mutant?  Why brag about it?  I mean mutants are minorities in the Marvel Universe, so why don’t Captain America or Iron Man or even the Hulk make this claim?

Is Spiderman a…  racist?

No, of course not.  It was the ’90s and mutants were the majority.  And worth BIG BUCKS!!!

Heck, Spiderman even posed as a mutant for fame and fortune years later:

Spider-Man - House of M 03 page 02

Wait, that was the House of M which didn’t really happen.  No, wait it did but only a few characters remember.  Gwen Stacy had twins with the Green Goblin?!?  What the heck Marvel?

Everything but the Hulk makes me dizzy…


Hulk vs Wolverine is what I say.

I guess I need to hunt down the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk series.  I’m scared to since I’ve been bouncing back and forth timeline wise with the Marvel comics I’ve been reading.  Last month it was the Fear Itself series, I just read Secret Wars I and II and just started the Civil War series.  If I throw in an Ultimates title right afterward I might get dizzy.

But I have to because of this:


Of course I know that’s not how it will end.  But I can dream can’t I?  Here’s how a real Hulk vs Wolverine should happen:



Yeah, that’s pretty gruesome.  Probably not gonna happen.  Maybe Marvel should just bring these guys back so that Hulk and Wolvie could be buddies.


Be still my ’90s heart…

I love me some Devil Dinosaur.

Apparently there’s some comic called The Avenging Spiderman and the 15th issue features this:

As the world knows and understands I love Devil Dinosaur.  And here’s another awesome comic idea!

And yes, I even love him in that cheesy cartoon…