Shirts for Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you!  Or some such…  I love Star Wars like any good Red Blooded American and I’m addicted to t-shirts so I decided on this fine and exciting Star Wars Day to post pictures of every Star Wars Shirt I own!  (Notice the lack of prequel shirts…)  So, here we go!



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Random Star Wars stuff…






Leave it to Mike Mignola to have Cthulhu living in the Sarlacc Pit…

And C-3P0’s Cereal…

Speaking of childhood memories and Star Wars, I loved C-3P0’s.  It is one thing I would love to go back in time and taste again.  It seems like I remember them being sweet but not too sweet.  It seems like I tried to find something that tasted the same but never could.  And just watch the commercial!

Something else that was neat was one of the giveaways that they had as seen on the front of this box:

No, not the Rebel Rocket! And don’t think dirty thoughts about that name either!

Free Kenner Star Wars Micro Collection Figures!  I sure as Hell ate me those three boxes of cereal to get them!  And my poor parents probably spent $10 shipping and handling.  Somehow I still have the Darth Vadar figure.

Darth has quit smoking but he still carries a lighter around with him.

Yeah, that picture was poorly taken.  Sorry.  Good old Darth is made of solid metal.  And it hurts like Hell when you drop him on your foot.

Ewok Lunch Box

Sounds like a crappy band, but it was what I carried my fine meals in while in elementary school.  I have no idea why I suddenly thought of it so straight to Google Images I went:

How could you fit food of any size in there with that ginormous thermos?

This was also the time when plastic lunch boxes were replacing the metal ones.  So if you wanted to bash a fellow student over the head it was much less satisfying.  And might break your lunch box.  It made it hard to defend my love for Ewoks.  That and the Ewoks cartoon.

’80s cuteness.

Look, Ewoks were ruthless killers.  Smashing AT-STs with logs, stoning storm troopers, shooting arrows hither and yon.  Hell, decapitating scout troopers by pulling vines in the path of their speeder bikes is pretty damn bloodthirsty.  And what else happened?

Screw you Empire, we’re using your corpses as musical instruments.


Do filmmakers still do this?

I don’t really follow ticket sales, but apparently in 1977 Star Wars passed Jaws in “domestic film rentals.”  Which mean ticket sales or something like that.  Not VHS.  Come on, that happened in the ’80s.  Well Spielberg took out this add in Variety Magda-seen

I call bull-crap, Jaws would be able to fit like 6 R2D2s in his mouth at one time!!!

And then George Lucas sent this to James Cameron when Titanic tested my relationship at the time…

1997 was a rough year…

So, I do know all these new movies are setting box office records are the directors/producers sending out pictures like this?  Or since Disney owns Marvel and everything else is this what is sent out: