Tony Mandarich on Tecmo Super Bowl

Last night I was watching the December 3rd 1989 game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one of the annoucers stated that the Packers’ first round draft pick, 2nd overall, still hadn’t played that season.  Tony Mandarich was that draft pick and in fact he never even started a game in his first year.  He played only 3 seasons with the Packers and has this legacy:


Mandarich later admitted to using steroids and having a poor work ethic which probably were major factors in his becoming a bust.  He did, however, have a decent comeback playing with the Colts after a few years out of football.  Now, being a person of my age I went to the best place for me to judge the ability of a football player that played in either the 1990 or ’91 season.


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I haven’t forgotten football…

And I am bummed out about the death of Junior Seau.  I’ve just transfered some football pictures from my old computer to my current one and of course I had a picture of Seau in the batch.

He was one of the main reasons the Chargers were one of my two secondary teams behind the Cowboys in football fandom.  There was also the fact I could play a guy named Marion Butts when you picked the Chargers on Tecmo Super Bowl for my San Diego love.  Hey, I was in Middle School. 

Seau was a guy whose career I followed, even rooting for the Patriots a little so he might finally get that Super Bowl ring.  I wish 1994 had ended with a Chargers Championship and Seau playing out the rest of his career with them.  But what we want and what happens are many times two different things.  He was a major part of my growing up with football and I’m saddened his life ended in such a way.

Now I can’t stay too serious on one thing or I’ll stay bummed.  Here’s a picture of Marion Butts:





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